How to Make Being in a Cock Cage More Fun?

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It’s safe to assume that most people have heard of male chastity devices by now. Unlike medieval maidens, boys nowadays willingly go under the lock to make their BDSM relationships more fun. Well, when we say fun, we mean more dominant and submissive, depending on whose perspective you look at it from.

After all, these are the two basic principles the whole lock the cock game works on. It’s about your partner owning you. Whether it’s a gay or straight relationship, both have a partner that is more obedient than the other.

And just like that, when a male agrees to put his flaccid penis in a cage, he welcomes the idea of submission. But let’s not forget that it’s all based on free will and that there’s no room for unwanted entrapment for anyone.

The BDSM community only works when there’s mutual consent between the partners. It’s the only way to keep things safe and away from unwanted consequences. So, let’s talk a bit about cock cages and how they work, shall we?

The Downside of Being in a Cock Cage

Unfortunately, just like all extreme sex toys, male chastity devices come with some downsides also. That doesn’t mean that these hiccups overshadow the positives, but it’s only fair we mention them. Moreover, some just might turn these cons into advantages for further use.

The first one we’d like to mention is the fact that it’s recommended you shave your pubic hair. Your bush might cause pinching and slight discomfort; hence, trimming down is a must. It’s no big deal, we known. It’s just worth the mention.

Next, we’d go for the fact that the whole dynamic might be pretty one-sided when you think of it. Restricting yourself from penetration makes you more or less an object of amusement for your partner. Well, this is what it all comes down to in the end. If you’re willing to get over it, you’re ideal for submission.

Also, long term chastity, which involves sleeping with a cage, can prove to be really discomforting and difficult for a ton of people. The sole fact that it’s only recommended sleeping on your back since you don’t want to endanger your crotch can prove almost impossible for some people. Believe us; this minor detail turns people from basic chastity play all the time.

Male Chastity Is for the Dom’s Pleasure

Some people think that BDSM activities such as these are almost purely about the dominant partner’s satisfaction. And we can, for the most part, agree about that. But let’s talk a bit why we think it’s like that.

Most people fall in love with the feeling of owning another person. Having them all to yourself, ready to bid your wildest and dirtiest desires, can make you desperate for more of it. Therefore, it’s easy to see why we’d argue that male chastity works almost entirely for the dom, but it’s not just that.

We also have people who are completely sold by the idea of being someone’s property. They thrive in that role, loving every minute of it. They gladly present their body to their master, wanting them to get all the pleasure.

How Gamification of Chastity Play Makes It More Exciting

Once again, there are many ways people can enrich their sex life. Whether it’s through role-playing kinks or sex toy fantasies, possibilities are endless. But one of the most prominent ways BDSM play can expand is by making little games part of the whole experience.

Gamification is a term often used for making activities apply certain reward and benefit systems. So when it comes to chastity play, this means that you alter your standard way of enjoyment. The dom rewards her/his sex slave for behaving in a certain way, or by accomplishing certain tasks. It’s somewhat like dog training.

This kind of motivation encourages the participants to enjoy their activity to the fullest. The pure excitement of never knowing how the tables will turn makes this a perfect solution for sadism and masochism. It’s an ideal combination, just like leather and long heels. 

Roll the Dice

Rolling the dice is a cool and effective way to go about your “Fifty Shades of Grey” business. Placing all the odds on two cube-like objects is as uncertain as one could wish. A lot of S&M couples control their play this way, and it can sure as hell be fun and exciting for anyone.

Therefore, let’s say you’re willing to give the dice a go. But what are the rules here? Well, the rules can be anything you want them to. For example, let the one who gets the bigger number decide the next step.

Spin the Wheel

Spinner wheel with chastity times

Another great way of gamification is to make a wheel with specific actions listed on it. You can use a pre-existing one, if you’re a tabletop game fan, or just make your own. Come up with fantasies and kinks you’d like to leave to chance, and write them on the wheel.

Once you’ve done that, spin it and see what the sex gods have in store for you. Also, it would seem better if the submissive partner spinned it and made his own fortune. The outcome will be uncertain, but one thing will be sure — he’ll be sweating as the possibilities turn in front of his eyes. 

Draw Straws

Again, placing your fate in chance is a neat way of deciding what to do next when it comes to sex. Drawing straws is undoubtedly an effective way to up the domination and submission game. Agreeing that the oppressed male draws straws of different lengths for different options makes the whole deal a surreal experience.

Maybe the dom can make all the straws short, which will make it a “lose-lose” game for the slave. It’s all up to interpretation. You just need to come up with kinky consequences for the loser. It’s all that matters here.

Quiz Bee

This time, we’ve gone for something different. It’s not gambling-related anymore. This possible approach is purely based on knowledge, so it’s a bit more sophisticated than the previous ones.

Make a quiz with your partner that’ll catalyze further activities. You can even incorporate TV quiz rules here, making this your own little kinky “Who wants to be fucked” series. Like always, it’s all up to your interpretation.

It’s best if the domino comes up with questions that don’t really have an answer (wink-wink). Remember not to allow your slave to get what he wants, keep him in lockdown.

Hide and Seek

This might be the most entertaining one out of all the ideas we have. BDSM couples often enough tend to play childish and juvenile games to make the most of their relationships. So going all out and playing hide-and-seek isn’t out of order here.

The dom can let their sub hide for a while until she/he goes on the prowl for his sorry ass. If you’re into sci-fi, you can role-play a bit of “Alien” here. Make the dom be the xenomorph, and the sub can act as Ripley hiding inside of the Nostromo.

Scavenger Hunt

Since we’ve mentioned juvenile games, scavenger hunt mechanics work great for this sort of stuff. If you make the slave gather certain stuff just for the sake of the game, you can bring power exchange to the center of the relationship.

The dom becomes a cruel ruler, coming up with pointless tasks just for their amusement. And since the slave can’t get all the stuff on the list, he’s going to pay the price of bondage and discipline. Role-play like this is a perfect combo for a great BDSM experience.

Pile of keys

Point System

Sexual activity and tabletop games are, without a doubt, a badass way to go about your private life. Leveling up with accomplishing certain tasks works both in video games and kink fantasies. The dominant partner can come up with rules, like usual, and see that the sub fulfills their needs.

Accomplishing regular household stuff, like cleaning and doing chores, can work fine with this sort of game. It’s about simple things which will lead to reward and punishment. In the end, it’s all about making a good slave in the world of BDSM. Playing your part over a certain period of time will lead to big things.


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