Rich, Creamy Homemade Hollandaise Sauce

Smooth, rich buttery sauce slathered on a homemade muffin complemented with a favorite breakfast treat, an egg.  Poke the egg with a fork; let the yolk marry into the homemade Hollandaise sauce.  Now that you are hungry, let’s enjoy Eggs Benedict together.

It is easy to buy English muffins in the bread isle of a store.  Time to change things up a bit, and try making homemade English muffins.  The batter looks loose like pancake batter, it is easy to mix up, and cook them stove top.  If you are still interested in making the delicious, fluffy muffin, come on over to CaféTerraBlog for the recipe.

Hollandaise sauce is a precise recipe, with love needed to achieve the perfect consistency.  Many shy away from making this beautiful recipe but you can make an easy Hollandaise sauce in your blender.  Only a few ingredients are needed, and it’s an easy recipe you can change and make your own.

Hollandaise Sauce recipe adapted from Michael Ruhlman

3 egg yolks

3 packets of True Lemon or 1 Tbsp of lemon juice

½ tsp of salt

10 Tbsp of unsalted butter (if use salted butter, skip the salt in recipe)

¼ cup onion diced

1 clove of garlic

1 Tbsp of fresh rosemary chopped (use about 1 ½ tsp of dried rosemary)

1.       Cook onion in small amount of butter until opaque, add garlic and butter. Melt butter on low heat to prevent boiling.  Let the butter slowly melt, to keep the moisture in.

2.       Add to blender egg yolks, True Lemon or lemon juice, salt, rosemary.  Blend on medium to medium high for about 20-30 seconds.  The friction generated by the blender blades will heat the yolks a bit. The blending action will also introduce a little air into them, making your hollandaise a bit lighter.

3.       Once the yolks have lightened in color, turn the blender down to its lowest setting (if you only have one speed on your blender it will still work), and drizzle in the melted butter, onion, garlic mixture slowly, while the blender is going. Continue to buzz for another couple seconds after the butter is all incorporated.

4.       Turn off blender and taste sauce.  The sauce should have a rich buttery, lemony, and maybe a little salty flavor.  Add more lemon or salt as needed.  If you want a thinner consistency, add a little warm water. Pulse briefly to incorporate the ingredients one more time.

5.       Store until needed in a warm spot, like on or next to the stovetop. Use within an hour or so.

6.       Makes about 1 cup of sauce, good for about 4-6 servings.

If you are still not interested in making a homemade Hollandaise Sauce, there are few places in the Queen City where your daydreams about this delicious rich treat can be realized.

Providence Café serves Eggs Benedict daily on their brunch menu.  They are located at – 110 Perrin Place
Charlotte, NC 28207

Lulu restaurant has a few different versions of Eggs Benedict.  They are located at – 1911 Central Ave. Charlotte, NC


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