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Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of catching up with Ryan Bach of the Ryan Bach band. What was intended to be a quick Q&A turned into a deep conversation about life, loss and love of music.

On the band:

“Well really the band was formed by accident about eight months ago. It’s a combination of four different musical talents creating a sound outside of everyone’s comfort zone.” The band consists of four members; Ryan Bach (guitar, singer), Chad Landman (drums) who Ryan credits as the first person to put a guitar in his hands, Jay Caracofe (bass) and Joey Harrell (lead guitar). “I had a catalog of music I wanted to put out and needed creative input on, so that’s when we formed the band.”

On the music:

“I write music and lyrics and the others contribute their pieces and it helps to form and mold our sound. Our inspiration comes from life experiences. We tend to write about anything that can happen in life and can impact us in a profound way.”

Ryan mentions that music comes easily for him. “I believe it’s inside me but I have to find it.” The band classifies their sound as Alternative Rock and they draw inspiration from artists such as the late Shannon Hoon of the band Blind Melon, Bob Seger, Neil Young and Dave Matthews.

On recording:

Their first EP “What About Tomorrow” features six songs; “Acoustic Expressions”, “Confusion”, “17”, “Rewind”, “The Guardian” and “Carolina” that explore the depths of love, loss, heartache and happiness.

“Recording was a blast.” Bach recalls, “Charlotte is a city that has grown so much over the years and there were so many great choices but we ended up recording at Satellite Recording Studios. I worked there about ten years ago and I’ve known Paul Jensen, our producer, for years. Working there was great. We went in on the weekends, did a couple of eight hour sessions and really took our time to capture the sound we wanted.”

Ryan singles out the song “Confusion”, which was the first song written as a collaboration by the entire band, as one of his favorites. “It’s basically about going through life and dealing with loss. Part of the song was written about a friend of ours that we lost and about having a voice to let go and deal with all of the emotion. I feel like when people hear the song they can relate to it. It has slide guitar which is new to me. Everything really came together well. We are incredibly happy with the result.”

On being a recording artist:

Bach recalls a defining moment as a recording artist: “About five years ago a friend of a friend listened to a song I wrote. They called me up, I hardly knew them, and thanked me and said that our music helped them through a rough time they were going through. I think at that point I realized that it wasn’t just about me and my outlet of expression but that my voice could help people. I decided at that point to work harder to get my music out there so that other people could be helped by it.”

Ryan credits the hard work of his band members to their success as well as the support of their family, friends and fans. They are planning a CD release party in the near future but until then they plan to continue writing new music and performing live.

“I’ll play music until I can’t play music anymore. It’s not a job or a hobby – it’s a passion. Even if it’s just me in a room by myself when I’m 80 because no one wants to listen… I’ll never stop.”

Bach’s determination and passion for his craft is contagious and with the success of their first EP behind them the Ryan Bach Band is poised to impact the Charlotte music scene.

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