The Tried and Tested Tricks on Trying Chastity Cages for Noobs

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Even if you are shy and inhibited to talk about your desires, ideas and preferences, we have a few tips in store for you. We introduce some penis cages (Chastity Cages) and also give you information about the advantages and where you can buy them. Whether you are planning to gift someone a cock cage or enjoy it yourself, this article will definitely help you a lot.

Buy your first penis cage!

Happy Birthday! The first Man Cage should be handed out on a special day. You do not know what to give to your husband? Is he a man who already has everything? Then get started and buy a beautiful, light and special penis cage. There are in two colors Black and transparent. He is also suitable for air travel. It is suitable for beginners and for the durable wearing of a chastity belt. There are plenty of stores that sell high-quality penis cage like this.

Chastity Play

Being in chastity can be normal for some couples, especially for maintaining the faith in a relationship. However, with the desire to improve how couples approach relationship, the word chastity could mean a little different. Nowadays, wearing a chastity belt is an essential part of BDSM play. Restricting someone from reaching orgasm satisfies both the dom and the sub.

If you are the keyholder, that means that you have total control as to how often you allow your partner to have erections and reach orgasm. To some, this could be a little odd, but to those who enjoy taking control and being controlled of their pleasure, especially with sex. You would discover what your man would do just to be set free from his cage.

How the page for chastity for couples is constructed:

On the one hand we want to inform you how easy a chaste lived relationship can be. We wrote a text for women and one for men. Underneath, however, you can also read the text together for couples. Normally then a dialogue is established and in the farthest first step try it out.

Why not try it? It seems a bit disturbing (that was also for us) but we believe that you should do a test run together. Then you can talk about it. Go on a journey of discovery together or set a new strategy for yourself. We hope you enjoy it!

Under chastity one understands in general “the sexual intercourse to renounce self-gratification” in sum abstemious life. Most of them think of the Catholic Church, monks and nuns. Which is only true, the game with the Chastity cage is only created. A great RPG!

This is similar when playing with a penis cage. Finally, this toy alone symbolizes the sex, for the time being, is excluded. It is, as in a role-playing game, in a playful way to suppress the sex drive of the man to control this and to use for the benefit of the woman. In a sense, both partners have advantages! He wants her controlled and determined she gets in return total attention, affirmation and a good lover, and not when he wants, but when she feels like it. That’s what I call a fair deal!

For some, this is not a problem at all. They talk openly about their ideas and like to experiment. The majority of men are reluctant to open up with their partners. False morality and bad experiences from past relationships can often be the reasons. Even if you as a man should have a clear idea in mind, it does not have to be long  and dragging conversation with your partner. There is a compromise to be found. This is a lively partnership. Also, from the woman’s point of view, to join in for fear of losing the partner, we reject. But 90% find a solution.

Just a compromise

If you live with your partner, speak openly about everything and occasionally dare experiments.

Chastity in a relationship does not mean having to give up sex. Rather, the woman is the best part in this game, and that it allows you to rediscover your relationship with each other. She alone decides whether she wants sex. In addition, the women determines when the man may come to orgasm.

What Are the Reasons for Premature Ejaculation?

As we all know, when boys get horny enough, they ejaculate from their penises, and the whole deal is over. But what causes them to cum fast and break character? Are their partners too hot, or are they just inexperienced? Well, it’s mostly a combination of both those things. And some additional stuff.

Whenever we hear the “guy came early” story, we automatically think of that Jason Biggs character from American Pie. Yes, that obnoxious teenage comedy from the late nineties. Well, yeah, it was a weird decade in many things, but it had its moments like depicting a premature ejaculation in a full feature film.

This stroke of bad luck can happen to every guy out there. It can be the effect of an over-the-top horny guy who didn’t have sex in ages, or it could just be that he doesn’t have enough experience to know when to pause and lower the pressure. Sometimes, the poor lad’s partner just knows how to tickle his knob perfectly, which leads to the point of no return.

Luckily, most guys can go for another round a few moments after a full orgasm. Moreover, they’d kill for some additional action after they finish early. It’s just how males work, after all.

Can Edging Be an Alternative to Chastity Cages?

For all people into orgasm denial out there, wearing a cock cage isn’t the only way to humiliate a male and his penis. Edging or, as some call it, orgasm control may prove to be more effective for some. This tease and denial practice completely ruins the male and makes him as submissive as you can imagine.

Bringing him to the brink of orgasm, just to let him down before he explodes, is dominant as fuck. It can ruin a man in a matter of seconds if the stimulation disappears at the right time. Unfortunately, edging tease is not something every beginner domino can pull off perfectly. Like all great moves, it takes a bit of practice to do it the way it should be done.

Also, it’s only fair to mention that many experienced dominas mention edging in chastity in their domination guides. Just imagine how humiliating that is…

Are There Any Benefits to Orgasm Denial?

Well, the whole BDSM thing revolves around dominance and submission. Hence, playing into the idea of orgasm denial works perfectly for the whole culture. People into it are there for a reason, and it’s beneficial to them.

BDSM orgasm control only makes the male hungrier for more. It’s like a slice of the best dish in the world — it makes you want it time and time again. Long term chastity males are sometimes allowed just one climax per year, and in some cases, they get a ruined orgasm. That only goes to show how much sensation it brings to certain people.

Also, a high level of testosterone leaves them fully focused on other stuff: their jobs, their families, or everyday chores get more attention than usual. It’s a wake-up call for some guys as they realize that orgasms aren’t the only thing in the world.

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