Bringing Sex Toys to the Mainstream

charlaf7 | February 29, 2020 | 1 | News

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Throughout human history, sex and everything that comes along with it were always subject to taboo and controversy. Even if kinks and perversions exist in all of us, the freedom to express our desires and feelings wasn’t always there. Sex itself is still a shameful act for some, let alone fetishes and toys.

And although the 20th century brought various social changes to the Western culture, adult products remained somewhat underground. The mainstream media would portray people using them as sleazy and dangerous. Moreover, society would shame others for indulging in such actions and convey them as deviant individuals.

These stereotypes made people practically hide when going to their local sex stores. The social stigma was so strong that no one wanted to be seen anywhere near a dildo or vibrator. But all that was until the internet came along and changed our lives forever.

The ability to order a huge silicone dong anonymously from home swept the sex toy market. People were no longer in danger of doing something their communities were too stubborn to understand. And just like that, the growth of the sex industry began, and it shows no signs of stopping in the future.

The Changing Times

This whole idea of how we’re free to choose what we do with our bodies isn’t to be taken for granted. Not so long ago, people were subject to ridicule for their beliefs and lifestyles. But times they are a-changing, as Dylan once sang. Ever since the turbulent social climate of the late ’60s and early ’70s, both men and women began to enjoy their lives in ways once seen as immoral or even unlawful.

Back in the day, if someone was into experimenting with toys and other kinds of adult gadgets, they would visit a sex shop almost exclusively at night. Some would even take it so far and disguise themselves with hats or hoodies so no one could see them. It was so controversial that people were afraid for their jobs and lives in general.

Inappropriate questions — “Why do women like to buy sex toys?” — would linger on every corner. Luckily, thanks to the brave people who fought for feminism, equality, and the right for everyone to choose for themselves, these phrases soon died out and became unacceptable.

We can all agree that there’s no longer a need for discretion when going to your local adult store. Furthermore, sex toy companies and retailers no longer send disguised packages for their customers so that their neighbors don’t see that there’s a gargantuan vibrator inside. Online adult content is almost an essential service these days.

Sex Toys and Female Pleasure

There are numerous reasons why girls all over the globe use sex toys. Not everyone is lucky enough to have great sex all the time. Some don’t even have it at all. On the other hand, some women are just willing to experiment a bit and see where their gadgets and fantasies could take them.

For example, using a vibrator is arguably even better than having sex with a partner for some. You can please yourself whenever and wherever you want to. And seeing how most guys know little to nothing about females, controlling the replica penis with your hands, you can do the exact thing that you know will make you reach an orgasm.

But toys aren’t necessarily for girls who’re sleeping with unsatisfying rookie partners. They’re also for couples who’re looking to experiment and spice their private lives up. Therefore, introducing dildos, anal beads, or bondage can make great sex even better.

When it comes to lonesome people, it’s easy to understand why a single girl would use a sex toy. Not having someone around when you’re horny can get rather frustrating and dull if you’re left with only your fingers. And since there are thousands of different and unique toys in the market, masturbating by yourself can prove to be as exciting as fucking an A-list porn star.

The Growing Market

Once small and obscure, the sex toy market is now one of the most prominent businesses. In some ways, adult products endured a rough ride in the beginning, but they prevailed. They broke into the mainstream culture, and they’re now looking to stay there forever.

The thing is — sex sells. As such, products and content surrounding it will always find a suitable market. Moreover, as more and more people look to enjoy their bodies and sex, the need for toys will only grow further.

From classic, vintage vibrators and dildos to Wi-Fi operated gadgets you could use hands-free, you can order any one of them just by pressing a button on your laptop or phone. Sex toys are no longer primitive in designs and execution. With the industry’s big boom in the ‘90s, the need for premium content is as big as ever.

The fact that you can find adult toys even in Walmart these days is the prime example of how lucrative and big the industry is. Yup, that’s right. Even the biggest chain-markets in North America see the potential in selling dildos, tits, and dongs.

The Validation

Walmart’s sex toys are a thing now. You can go get your groceries, buy a screwdriver or brand-new TV, and finally get a chastity device just for the sake of it. Sure, it sounds bizarre to some, but that’s the reality. It’s the perfect evidence of how essential adult toys are nowadays.

Not only is this a great showcase of how useful these products are, but it’s also a clear example of how they’re no longer underground and shady for the public. For all you know, your next-door neighbor you saw this morning before work is using a massive silicone cock as you’re reading this. And that’s more than A-okay in our book.

Another thing that shows how popular sex toys are is the COVID-19 pandemic. During this horrible health crisis, almost every country in the world introduced some kind of lockdown to prevent the virus from spreading. 

New Zealand was no stranger to ordering their citizens to stay at home. And while the whole country stood still, the adult industry boomed once again. Sex toys sales increase in New Zealand, and similar titles were flooding the news and going viral earlier this year. And it’s no coincidence. Since you’re locked in your home, alone and bored, what better way to cheer yourself up than with a good old dildo?

Joking aside, adult toys are great for stress release. And seeing how tense everything seems nowadays with COVID-19, it’s no wonder people began buying them so much. Not only are they fun to use, but they’re also healthy for relieving stress. 

What’s Next for Sex Toys?

Well, no one can say for sure what will happen next. But seeing how popular and useful sex toys are, we can only assume the demand won’t go down any time soon. People will always enjoy great sex. And since adult gadgets and great sex go together like peanut butter and jelly, we’d say the sky’s the limit for dildos and vibrators.

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