Coming Together: How Partners Can Climax Simultaneously

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It’s not uncommon for couples to ask the same question over and over again — “Is coming simultaneously possible?” Well, the short answer is yes. It’s possible to reach a mutual orgasm with your lover. But it’s not that simple.

Climaxing together is an idea numerous couples strive for. But since it’s not that realistic sometimes, it’s better to inform yourself about it before it starts to rattle the foundations of your relationship.

Great sex is behind every successful couple. There’s no doubt about it. But what does great sex even mean? It can be a different thing, depending on whom you ask. Some like it like this and others love it like that. It’s all subjective.

But no matter what kind of sex you enjoy, it’s easy to assume that you wish for an effective orgasm at the end of your intimate session, no matter how traditional or kinky your intercourse was. Achieving an orgasm is the peak of sexual activity for all of us. But reaching it in unison with your partner is even better.

Therefore, to understand how and why to try and pull it off with your lover, we’ll take you on a quick trip through penile and clitoral stimulation.

Is It Possible?

Can partners orgasm at the same time? Well, there’s no doubt a shared orgasm is possible. A simultaneous climax is not a scientific phenomenon that only exists in textbooks and requires Colorado State University professors to explain it. It’s just that we’re all built differently. So, the amount of time we need to cum varies.

However, there is a problem — it’s not that common. Our bodies work in different ways, and that means that you might take longer to deliver than your partner. And that’s perfectly A-okay. But if you’re that eager to flush at the exact time as your babe, there are ways to do it.

It’s important to understand that it can be a challenge even for the most experienced lovers out there. Real-life isn’t porn, so what you see on your screen while masturbating usually won’t translate to reality for you and your partner. It’s a trial and error process.

The best way to practice it is to try mutual masturbation. Yes, sit next to each other and finger/rub your genitals and make your partner aware of how close to blowing your load you are. Sure, it might sound off-putting, but you might get some results from it. Either way, you’ll learn more about how both your bodies work, which will help you later on while having actual sex.

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The Benefit of Simultaneous Orgasms

If you didn’t get that by now, simultaneous orgasms are awesome. They’re a perfect way of bonding with your partner. Just imagine blowing your loads with hurricane strength in unison, gasping for air as you watch each other with that after-sex glow. Wouldn’t that be a sight to see?

People bond with each other on different levels. But once you have sex with that one person, everything else becomes inconsequential. And to reach that deep level of understanding between your bodies, it’s important to know your moves in the bedroom. Tons of people fake orgasms just to make their lovers feel good, but that’s not what you should strive for.

Sometimes it’s easy to see if someone’s faking it. The after-sex glow (or the lack of it) doesn’t lie. You know what we’re on about here, don’t you? Yup, that perfect spark in their eyes, their smell, and everything else that comes into play after you’ve released your load, and you just want to lie there with them in silence and enjoy their tender touch.

Tips to Make It More Possible

We’ve already said that coming together takes practice. It’s not something that will happen every time you go for it. But on the other hand, it’s important to understand that pushing for it constantly can be counterproductive. Therefore, we suggest that the two of you take things slowly, and concentrate on enjoying your sex without a specific set of rules.

Nevertheless, if you’re that into it, you can apply certain things to your usual routine. It’s a proven fact that women more often than not have troubles reaching an orgasm. Hence, incorporating lube into your set of tools can change that. Not only will it be easier for both of you, but the lubricant will also help the female stimulate her clitoris and up the chances of climaxing for real.

Another great way to go about it is to understand that you’re in this together. So if you’re feeling like you are closer to spilling your load and your partner isn’t, you should slow down and focus more on them. You can always listen to their breathing as it’s an easy way to understand where they’re at once it comes to sex.

Furthermore, introduce yourself to sex toys. Not only will they make your intercourse more kinky and fun, but they’ll also bring that extra spark needed for your partner to cum easier. Don’t be shy if you think your lover isn’t up to par all by themselves. Adding a vibrator or an anal plug into the equation can prove to be as useful as it sounds fun.

Things To Remember

It’s not unusual to hear stories of people faking pleasure while having sex. The reasons for that are numerous and vary from person to person. Some just like to make their partner think they’re better in the sack, while others are scared of their lover thinking less of them. Either way, it’s not necessarily the way to go about your relationship.

A recent study reveals that an astonishing 67 percent of women tend to fake orgasm from time to time, while only 28 percent of men do the same thing. But numbers are not that big of a deal when it comes to good sex. The only thing to remember is to enjoy yourself while going for it, not caring for goals and standards others set upon you.

People who have climaxed at the same time will tell you there’s nothing better than it, but that doesn’t mean you should pressure yourself into experiencing it. Sure, it’s an awesome way of bonding sexually with your partner, but sex isn’t solely about replicating porn — it’s much more than that. So take it easy, and firstly try and understand how both your bodies react to different ideas.

The idea of simultaneously reaching a climax can easily take the fun part away from your bedroom. It can all become a goal you’re eager to reach while leaving the essence of sexual intercourse behind. Remember that people who say that every time they have sex, they come together lie. And even if it were true, why pressure your relationship into becoming something else when it’s fine just the way it is?

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