How Lockdowns Changed the Way We Have Sex

charlaf7 | November 18, 2020 | 1 | News

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Last year was something of a nightmare, to say the least. Unfortunately, no one’s sure if 2021 is going to be all that much different. There’s still a pandemic raging; we’re going in and out of lockdowns every month or so, and it’s all beginning to get pretty old by now. The worst thing is — it’s affecting our mental health and relationships in so many ways.

So if you’re having problems with sex, our article will help you grasp the reality of the situation. We’ll talk about problems and ways to fix them in quite some detail. Most importantly, we’re here to remind you that it’s all going to pass, and we’re eventually going to live as we did before Covid-19. So let’s talk about making love while in lockdown, shall we?

Work From Home Invaded Our Sex Spots

It’s no secret that most of us didn’t work from home before the pandemic. Ever since it began, it has been quite tricky to adjust to this new normal. Some like it, others don’t, but that’s not the point. In our minds, our home was a place to relax, have fun with our partner, and not think about work.

Nevertheless, that’s not the case anymore. Most people’s lives look pretty much the same with them waking up in the morning, working on their laptop, binging some series, and going back to bed. The monotony of the situation is what’s eating us from the inside and leading us to believe that we’re stuck in some infinite loop. If you’re single, it all tends to get even worse.

However, we’re here to talk about couples’ sex and long-term relationships. If someone told you you’d be working remotely every day, you’d probably wish that was true. As life threw us yet another curveball, being around each other that much isn’t exactly how we thought it would be. It’s actually quite frustrating.

Sure, you love each other and enjoy your relationship. However, when you’re working from home, even the happiest of couples tend to flip out and lose it. Luckily for you, we’ve come up with a few tips you can employ and make the most of this situation. So let’s check them out.

Set a Schedule

When it comes to separating work and private life, there are a couple of easy things you can do. The first thing that comes to mind is to literally split them up. A great way to do this is to make a strict schedule. This way, you’ll have work hours and free time without them overlapping.

Firstly, you must get up on time and begin your day just like you’d do pre-Covid. Once you reach your daily quota, turn off your laptop, lose your phone, and get out of the room where you usually do your business. Make it as if you’re leaving work and heading home.

Everything after that needs to be about your relationship, sex, and private life. Take a shower, cook something, or watch the series you love. Make yourself at home, no matter how crazy it might sound. So pen and paper, schedule, work, and finally — relax.

Proper Lighting Helps

Another smart way to help your subconscious understand that working hours are over is to change the lighting in your home. You know how, while working, you require bright lights, the ones that make you focus and see things clearly? Well, once you’re done, you’ll need quite the opposite.

So if you’re willing to give this tip a try, you can find inexpensive smart bulbs that you can schedule to change at the exact time you want. Also, you can adjust the temperature of light, the tone, and even color. This way, once it’s time, you’ll have an actual change of scenery. Cheap yet effective, what more could you want?


One of the most common issues that people who work remotely have is space. It’s not uncommon to hear how someone brought the desk from their office home, and it’s making things even worse. Well, just the sight of it can make you feel like you’re permanently living in your office building. Let’s face it — it sucks!

If you have the same problem, maybe it’s time to declutter your place up a bit. You know — rearrange how your apartment looks. Get rid of some stuff you don’t need so that you can make a working space in your home. Make a physical distance between your desk and other areas at your place.

Change the Mood

Having a healthy sex life during a pandemic is harder than you’d think, not only for singles who can’t go out and hook up but for couples who work from home too. The thing is, it’s hard to separate work from free time. Hence, tuning up your sexual frequencies and having a healthy amount of sex with your partner might become a problem.

However, there are ways you can make it work. For instance, once you’re done with business, and the lights change, you can light up some candles. You can also change clothes, make a nice dinner, and spice up the mood a bit.

Go Out of the Bedroom

Times like these require drastic measures. What we mean by that is that maybe it’s time to explore your home in a more adventurous way. Of course, we’re talking about taking sexual activities out of your bedroom and into your kitchen, bathroom, or even garage. Make the most out of the scenery you already have.

Spicing up your sex life can hugely benefit your mental health and change how you perceive this difficult time we live in. So come up with roles and scenarios and tune in your sexual desires with the rest of your house/apartment. Take a bath with one another, do some dirty talking, or even cook naked together. You might eventually step on some new ground in terms of your sexual relationship.

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