How to Have Sex With Micropenis

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Micropenis Sex Hacks

Let’s imagine the following scenario. You’re on a second date with a girl, and everything’s going great. She’s super into you; she even forgot how weird you were when she wanted to hug a bit too tightly. The date’s about to end. You reluctantly invite her over, and to your surprise, she says yes. You go to your place; you pour some wine in suspiciously large glasses. Then, even when you start a time-wasting conversation about college loans, she jumps on you, and things start getting a bit heavy.

You lay her on the bed, and you start taking your clothes off. When you take your pants down, you see that all-too-familiar look of disappointment on her face. She groans a bit, not out of excitement, and says, “Well, damn it, I’ve already come this far.” Chances are, she won’t come any further that night.

Does this scenario sound at all familiar to you? Have you ever been in a situation when you didn’t wanna have sex because you were stressing about your penis size? Were you always the best in class when it comes to the Gatorade bottle challenge? Does size really matter?

Well, stress no further. If you’ve been dealt a bad card, that doesn’t mean you can’t play at all! Having a smaller penis doesn’t stop you from having a good time, especially if you learn how to optimize your tiny penis sex game. But before we get into the sex hacks, let’s see if your game even belongs in the micro penis sex sphere.

Micropenis Explained

It’s hard for men to deal with small penises. In human sexuality, or at least, our perception of it, how well endowed you are represents how good you will be. Some men can be just too hard on themselves, which usually stops them from being hard enough. When you feel insecure about your penis size, you probably have problems getting girls and having sex with them.

But how truly micro is your micro penis? Most of us have not seen a lot of dicks to make an honest assessment of their own dimensions. Usually, our only reference point are those veiny, girthy monsters we see on the screen late at night after another day of not hooking up. But those guys are in those movies for a reason. When you go to shoop hoops, you don’t compare your game to LeBron.

For a dick to qualify as a micropenis, it can’t be longer than 2.75” (just under 7 cm) when erect. Even if you fall in this category, don’t be too harsh on yourself — you’re not that far off. The average penis size in the United States is 5.35” (13.58 cm). To women, a 12-incher is what Michelle Pfeiffer is to men — it doesn’t actually exist in the real world.

Thankfully, there are ways to please a woman during small penis sex, and the first step begins before actual sex takes place.

Sex Is Not Just About Penetrative Sex

There are more ways than one to love a woman. Obviously, when you have a mule between your legs, it’s easier to satisfy her. But if you don’t come packing, you can still make her happy; there’s just a bit more work to it.

According to Julian Wolf, a sex educator, you should have an orgasm before penetration even begins. And that goes both ways. You can perform oral sex on your partner to get her off to a rosy place even before you start sticking your thingy in. But you should actually get off as well. If you have an orgasm before penetration, there isn’t as much focus and pressure during actual sex. A great way to start things off is by using some toys that you happen to have lying around. Another great course of action is 69. You’ll both have some fun from it, although she may not struggle with her gagging reflex as much as you’d want her to.

Missionary Is Your Best Friend

When it comes to positions, it’s all about angles. Simply, you want to be able to put your pelvis as close to hers as you can. That’s why missionary should be your best man when you decide to tie the knot. What you want to do is put her legs up by placing her ankles on your shoulders. This way, her pelvis will tilt up, and the landing strip will be just where you want it to be so that you can go skin-deep.

When you grow tired of missionary, doggy style is also a good choice. First of all, you can maximize penetration this way, and it won’t slip out as often. Additionally, during doggy, you are actually hitting her vaginal opening and her clitoris, providing extra stimulation.

Use Your Fingers

If your diglett ain’t enough, give her the dugtrio treatment. One of the most useful sex toys for small penis sex is attached at the end of your arm — your fingers. During penetrative sex, you can use your fingers as well and put them inside. Let’s face it — we both know there’s space for it. For instance, you can put your thumb underneath your penis and apply downwards pressure towards her black eye of Sauron. This way, she will have a sensation of being (ful)filled, and your penis will also get a nice sensation out of it.

Obviously, the use of fingers is welcome even before the penetration to stir things in the right direction. If you’re new to fingering, better learn more about it here.

Penis Extender May Help

At the end of the day, if you simply don’t feel comfortable about your physical abilities, you can get yourself a penis extender. Now, the extender may dull down some of the pleasure for you, but if you want her to have a great time, you should definitely consider it. As the name suggests, it’s a sex toy that makes your penis fill out more space in her vagina, providing her with more pleasure.

And if you’re thorough enough with your shopping research, you can find an extender that contains nubs and ribs on the inside. This way, even you will feel the friction work its magic.

As you can see, having a micropenis is not the end of the world; you just need to learn to work with it. Your sex drive is not lower because of your penis size — don’t let it discourage you and stop you from pleasuring your partner. Have fun!

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