Don’t Be Jealous of My Sex Toys

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Why Men Should Not Be Jealous of Their Partner’s Sex Toys

If we’re completely honest, we all have a friend or two that rocks our world and makes our knees give out. We call them by many names, and we keep them in our drawers.

Yep, we’re talking about sex toys! When it comes to healthy sex life, exploring and pleasuring yourself through various aids is perfectly normal (and even hot). Of course, the pleasure doesn’t start with shoving a toy between our legs.

No. It starts with going into a sex shop and exploring the best sex toys for couples (or solo play). The thing is, sex toys are still somewhat stigmatized. So browsing through them feels as if we’re doing something naughty.

The truth is, we aren’t. Many women have multiple sex toys and use them regularly. However, that seems to irk some men who are butthurt because they feel as if their masculinity is threatened.

Well, that begs the question — if a piece of silicone can threaten your masculinity, was it even there to begin with?

The Root of Insecurity About Sex Toys for Couples

Men say they want their partners to be satisfied. However, for centuries, men focused solely on their pleasure. They sabotaged and judged ladies who were just trying to get their freak on and sneak an orgasm or two for themselves.

Today, men are more in tune with what it means to be a man. They are aware that if their partner isn’t having fun during sex, they are doing something wrong.

But that’s the proverbial double sword. Now, men (finally) became aware that it’s their job to satisfy their partners as much as it’s their partner’s job to do the same for them. So, naturally, they started taking it rather personally if, by chance, they failed to do it.

That truly has nothing to do with sex toys. Feeling as if their masculinity, virility, and sexual prowess are threatened in bed happens to many men. We all quickly learn to recognize that sparkle in their eye that glows like a thousand suns when we tell them they made us come. Consequently, we can also see it die down before our very eyes when we say that we didn’t, in fact, have our world rocked by their dick. Well, we don’t actually say that, but it’s what they hear.

Banish the Male Ego

Egos are fickle things. That’s particularly true for male egos. They are delicate, fragile, and tender. That’s why many women lie and say they finished when they didn’t. Of course, we’re only doing ourselves a disservice, but, hey — we gotta save that fragile male ego, right?

Wrong. There are other ways to go about that particular clusterfuck. Having a few hard, open convos is an excellent option, for example.

However, if our man can’t satisfy us in bed, and we feel as if we’re more often than not finishing ourselves off, it’s entirely logical to introduce sex toys into the bedroom. But that’s not the most comfortable conversation to have. Even if we just want to try out sex toys for couples to spice things up, there’s a good chance our man will be hurt or will feel vulnerable by our suggestion simply because it implies that he isn’t good enough for us.

The Elusive Female Orgasm

That’s quite far from the truth. Sure, some men are rubbish in bed, but that’s not something that we can’t fix.

Some women have a hard time orgasming during regular penetrative sex. Some of us need simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation or the added vibrations that a mere mortal cannot provide.

Around 95% of men say they orgasm every time they have sex. Every time. Yet, only 57% of ladies can say the same. That’s a massive difference that can’t be blamed entirely on lousy sex partners. The path to a male orgasm is pretty straightforward, while the one to a female orgasm looks more like an obstacle course for trained Navy SEALs.

However, we also have to consider that women in lesbian relationships orgasm a lot more than women in straight relationships (like A LOT more). So maybe it is the men and their lack of willingness to try alternative solutions to get their women to orgasm. If your dick isn’t helping your lady come, try something else.

Sex Toys for Her Aren’t There to Replace You

Most men who think sex toys threaten them in bed don’t understand that women don’t want to replace them with the toys. If we just wanted a quick session with our toy, we wouldn’t have invited you over!

We want to have sex with you — that’s the entire point. However, we also want to orgasm. And there’s no reason these two have to be mutually exclusive.

Sex toys can help men do what they want to, but (for one reason or another) can’t — pleasure both parties.

Some men think that the machine uprising had already started because vibrating toys stole their women away from them. But that’s utterly ridiculous. No one uninvited them from the party; they chose not to come (pun intended)!

The Best Sex Toys for Women Benefit You as Well

Sex toys can help men as well. What’s more, they can also enhance male pleasure. Just because you don’t see the appeal of introducing vibrations to your sex life doesn’t mean there are none.

Female sex toys, and, more to the point, sex toys for couples, can bring pleasure to all partners involved because that’s their purpose. Just consider this — if your partner can’t finish without direct clitoral and vaginal stimulation, a vibrating cock ring that will grind against her clit while you thrust in and out sounds like a jackpot, right? Yes, indeed, but it’s also beneficial for you because you’ll feel the vibrations as well. And believe us when we say, you haven’t experienced a toe-curling orgasm until you’ve felt one that’s been practically vibrated out of you.

Also, because no one expects you to have a vibrating cock (or a hand), there’s no need to feel threatened. That particular sex toy (and all others) isn’t replacing you; it’s just lending a helping hand.

Sharing Is Caring, So Don’t Be Selfish

Sex should be mutually pleasurable. The keyword there is mutually, as in, both parties should enjoy it. In other words, all those butthurt boys out there who think their fragile masculinity is more important than their partner’s pleasure need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and reconsider their life choices.

That might seem harsh, but it’s the reality of the situation. Sex should be fun for all parties. The sooner we all accept that pleasure comes in many forms and that we can’t be the perfect fit for every person out there, the sooner we can start having real fun. Sex toys are there to help us. We need to embrace them for what they are and accept them as a helping hand instead of accusing them of making us less than.

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