Tips on Getting Your Partner Hooked With Chastity Devices

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The best male chastity device, often used as a metaphorical term, has existed for many hundreds of years and possibly since the middle Ages. He now has different modern forms, but all serve to lock the genitals of the man, so as to prevent him from sex and masturbation. Often the partner has the key and thus gets the complete control over the sexuality of the man. This is a popular practice, especially for BDSM lovers. Here you will find more about the chastity belt and what you can use it for. In addition, you’ll find out where to find a partner who fancies you for such games.

For the chastity belt is suitable

Previously, the belts were often used for extortion or for self-protection. Today it is all about the fun of this sexual game and the loss of self-control that interests many men and women. Incidentally, there are also chastity belts for women, which of course are shaped differently in order to adapt to the body comfortably.

If you as a couple, for example, the woman for some time completely want to devote, then the chastity belt comes into question. So it has your full concentration and you can try out new techniques without getting distracted. Many men wear the chastity belt only temporarily to “save” for a woman or a specific day. But it can also be part of the routine of your love life to call a partner over and over again and again. Some women, who are very jealous, insist that their partner wears a belt in their absence. So they want to guarantee that he is not a stranger.

However, this is not a good solution to a problem in the relationship. The chastity belt should not be a punishment or blackmail, but should be used as a toy and to increase libido.

Is the chastity belt good for a relationship?

The answer to this question depends a lot on you two. If you feel like trying something new, then the chastity belt is in principle nothing in the way. It’s best to first get informed on BDSM forums or other channels about what it means to wear your belt. Both hygiene, psychological and practical aspects should be considered.

If your partner suddenly has this idea, then you should first listen openly and think for yourself whether you feel like this experiment. If a reason such as excessive control addiction or jealousy is behind the partner’s desire, it is sometimes better to do without the belt. But in other cases, it can be an asset to the relationship. In any case, it’s an exciting experiment that ideally helps to make your love life more intense and you rediscover each other.

The chastity belt in gay men

Often also homosexuals use the chastity belt. Unlike the relationship between man and woman, it’s all about the control and loving affection of the other person. In addition, the belt helps to improve the performance of the other man. Ideally, for reasons of fairness, you will wear a chastity belt alternately to pamper one of you in particular. If you are interested to explore the right chastity belt for you, then check out

This is how you find a partner

If your current partner does not want to try out the chastity belt with you, or if you do not yet know anyone who is ready for it, you can find a woman or a man with a chastity belt online. These dating sites performed well in comparison. They are characterized by the fact that the right person is there for every taste and you are guaranteed to find someone who shares sexual preferences with you.

By the way, test winner is Parship, because this big German platform provides relationships that last really long and fit well. In search of “the one” you will find there. Here you can register directly and go in search of a woman who loves you, with or without a chastity belt!

However, if you are more interested in finding a partner online that will try new things with you without any serious relationship, look out for casual dating sites or BDSM portals. It is important that you tell the potential partner from the beginning that you are interested in trying out such practices because otherwise unmet expectations may be a mood killer.

The different crotch bands of the chastity belt for women

Any woman who wants to wear a chastity belt, of course, can choose between 4 different crotch bands. This is important, because every lady wearing a chastity belt also wants to align the crotch strap according to her individual preferences.

The continuous crotch band for women chastity belt

The continuous crotch belt for women’s chastity belt is – as the name implies – a crotch band through the crotch, which is provided with an anus opening for the “big business”. This continuous crotch band at the women’s chastity belts runs through the entire crotch area in front over the front shield,which has urinal holes or a slot, to the back and around the waistline.

The strap around the crotch can be adjusted by from 1.5 to 3cm to tighten it further. The crotch strap can be equipped with a travel-friendly system that allows you to take it off in case you need to keep it in your luggage for later use. In a chastity belt system, the increment cannot be adjusted because the second lock on the front plate is not available for adjustment. But this system is very flat in the front and if you do not want a second lock, the comfort system is the right choice.

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