Tips to Keep Your Vagina Healthy

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The vagina is one of the most powerful yet one of the most delicate parts of a female body. Thus, women have to be extremely careful to keep their vagina in good health. But the good thing is vaginal care is no rocket science. You will just need to follow some simple steps sincerely to keep the vulva healthy and fine.

The post below offers a set of expert tips that every woman should follow to keep her vagina protected and sound.

Follow Kegel exercises

Kegel workouts are really important to power up the muscles in your pelvic floor. Strong pelvic floor muscles help to lessen strain on pelvic organs and keep the vagina in perfect shape. Moreover, these exercises will improve bowel and bladder functions as well as reward you with more powerful orgasms. You can do the Kegel workouts with the help of yoni eggs or Kegel balls. All you have to do is to clench your pelvic muscles, hold it for 5 seconds and then release it. Follow 10 kegels every day. If you are using Kegel ball or Yoni egg, you have to insert it inside the vagina while doing the exercise.

No douching please

There is a misconception that douching helps to keep your vagina healthy. But that’s wrong. The vagina is able to clean itself. It contains many healthy bacteria and regular douching will only destroy the harmony. In fact, it has been found intravaginal hygiene stuff can abet risks of STDs, pelvic inflammatory issues and infections. So, beware.

Count on lukewarm water

Avoid using any sort of soap or body wash on vagina, especially if these are scented ones. The best way to keep your vagina fresh is lukewarm water. In case you still wish to use some soap, make sure it does not contain any artificial fragrances or chemicals. A lot of women think that soaps can kill bad odor emerging from vagina. But the foul odor can be eliminated through a warm watery wash only. If it still doesn’t go, it’s better to consult your doctor. Soaps may cover up the smell but won’t cure the problem.

Use condoms

You should always use condoms while having sex. It’s absolutely necessary to protect yourself from unhealthy bacteria or any disease like STD the other person may  have. Your safety is in your hands. If you don’t want to use female condoms, at least tell your partner to use male condoms. Besides, if you are planning both vaginal and anal sex in one day- make sure to get a fresh condom for the next round. Put simply, you should not use the same condom for both anal and vaginal sex.

And it’s to note here, condoms can keep the pH level of vagina very steady while having sex.

Use lubes

A lot of women suffer from vaginal dryness which affects their love life big time. Sometimes it’s caused from stress and strain. While at times, dehydration, birth control pills and certain other medications can cause the problem as well. One of the best ways to remedy the problem is lubricants. Both you and your partner must use lubrications to make the thrust smoother for your vulva. And, lubes actually make sex even hotter.

So if you try using natural butt plugs, try using it with lubes. It feels good!

Cotton undies always

This is a must-follow rule when we are talking about vaginal health. You should always wear undies that are made from 100% cotton. It’s mostly because, cotton is a highly breathable fabric that doesn’t trap the moisture and keep the entire area dry & fresh. However, you should not also hesitate to go completely commando when you are alone in the house to keep things airy.

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