Vagina Health Care and Tips

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For starters, let’s get the obvious out of the way: practicing safe sex and good hygiene is imperative. Not just for your overall health but your vaginal health in particular. We can be easily swayed into frequent hair removal and smelling like rose bushes. All of those things can help you forget what’s actually the right thing to do. 

Keeping up with your doctor is of grave importance too. You can self-diagnose and self-treat all day long, but the internet or your friends can’t tell you better than the doctor. 

But, let’s remind you of some other things you should be doing to maintain a healthy vagina.

Don’t Shave Often

We all love to see a lawn with a nice trim. It looks great. Feels great, too. But how good is it actually?

Removing all that extra hair feels super good, and some of us love being smooth. But pubic hair is pretty important — way more than you might think. It protects you in many ways as it keeps bacteria, friction, and sweat at bay. 

Also, less shaving equals less itchiness, as well as much fewer cuts and ingrown hairs. And we know they can be a pain. We’re not saying grow a rain forest down there. But try to keep hair removal to a minimum. 

Kegel Exercise

Do your Kegels regularly. We cannot stress that enough. Kegels help strengthen your muscles. Pelvic floor muscles, to be exact. 

A healthy vagina means a happy vagina, and a healthy vagina is the one that’s in shape. You achieve that through kegel exercise. What’s more, you will have more control over all of the vaginal functions. And you don’t have to do those exercises solo — Kegel balls can help you immensely. They’re beginner-friendly too. 

So if you want a stronger vagina, don’t miss out on these. Exercises are easy and fun to do too, so they shouldn’t be too difficult to master.

Be Careful When Choosing Feminine Wash

Having your vagina smell like roses sounds magical, but don’t let these advertisers fool you. That’s not how it should work. 

It’s normal to go for amazing scents when thinking of feminine washes. You should stay away from them, though. Pick mild, unscented soaps instead. Vaginas are incredible organs, and they clean themselves. So there’s no need to go the extra mile. 

Hard washes can disrupt your vagina’s natural pH balance. Forget about regular douching! There’s no need to clean on the inside. You can use water for that but not soaps. Contact your doctor if you have concerns regarding the smell. 

Use Some Protection When Having Sex

This should go without saying, but let’s remind you anyways. Condoms are important and not only because they make sure you have a safe sexperience. They can help prevent unwanted pregnancies too. But most importantly, they help keep you safe from STDs. Sure, maybe your partner is perfectly clean. But, you never know what lingers under the surface.

Unless you’re trying to get pregnant, use condoms. We all have healthy bacteria keeping our genitals working right. Maybe yours won’t be good on your partner, and vice versa. Being protected ensures your vagina is healthy. Birth control pills cannot protect you from bacteria.

Lubricants Help When Sex Gets Too Rough

So maybe you like it rough. That’s not a problem — your vagina can probably handle it. But still, you should be cautious.  As much as you want to indulge on powerful orgasms, you also do not want to have a painful vagina for days.

We know vaginas can self-lubricate. That comes through foreplay and being turned on in general. But what happens when there’s not enough lubrication? Maybe you’re nervous, or there’s an underlying medical condition. There’s a quick fix for that.

Lubricants help your vagina do its job by doing it for it. Make sure you use water-based lubricants. They are the safest for your delicate lady friend. Try to avoid ingredients like glycerin, flavors, dyes, and scents. They’re not good.

Wear Cotton Underwear

What you wear matters more than you think. Lace is sexy, for sure, but try sticking to cotton. 

Cotton is a material that allows your skin to breathe. Or your vagina, in this case. It limits the amount of wetness produced, which, in turn, means less bacterial growth, or to be specific, less bad bacterial growth. 

You can choose to wear whatever you like. Just make sure you change it daily. For more breathable options, sleep in nude. That’s the ultimate “letting your vagina breathe” thing to do. It can also keep the vulva healthy.


Regular Check-Ups With the Doctor

Here’s yet another no-brainer. Whether you engage in sexual activities regularly or not, seeing a gynecologist is important. 

A gynecologist will not only inspect your vagina for any medical issues. They will also answer all of your burning questions. Besides, your vagina isn’t the only thing that needs a check-up — a gynecologist will look at your uterus and ovaries too. 

Sometimes, your vagina will present symptoms of something else being wrong. Your doctor can, of course, help fix that. So don’t miss out on your appointments — go every several months to ensure your vagina is always in tip-top condition.

Pee After Sex

This is a piece of sex advice we’ve all heard of. However, many of us are uncertain about why it is important. The reason is very simple. 

How would you like a urinary tract infection? Nobody wants a UTI. That’s why peeing after sex is so important. It washes off all the bacteria and eliminates the possibility of a disease. Do it even if you used a condom. It’s best always to be cautious. 

It’s highly likely that you will feel like peeing after doing the dirty anyways. Don’t just sit and contemplate should you do it — ensure your experience is entirely safe!


We know that you probably knew about all of these things already. But reminders never hurt anybody. 

Some of these things are easy to forget. As life goes super fast and we’re always on the go. Sometimes you don’t have a condom on you, or you had a quickie, and now you’re in a rush to go. Maybe you forgot where you put your lube too. It’s easy to think, “Ah, it doesn’t matter.” Maybe one time won’t hurt, right?

But it could hurt. Therefore, safe sex and high levels of hygiene are crucial for a perfectly healthy vagina.


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