The Most Overlooked Facts Behind Male Chastity Device Usage Among Men

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In the category ‘chastity’ for men you will find escape-proof and practical chastity belts and cages, which not only promise pleasant wearing comfort, but are also especially beautifully designed. There are numerous design options for you and your partner.

The chastity belt is mainly used in BDSM role-playing as erotic toys and is worn during the BDSM game of the submissive person. Playing with Chastity is an exciting clash of submission and control. To give oneself completely and put one’s own satisfaction into the partner’s hands is probably one of the most exciting acts in the BDSM game. The chastity belt prevents the wearer from intercourse or masturbation. This gives the BDSM game a very special appeal and the loss of self-control is greatly appreciated not only by the wearer, but also by the dominant part.

Exploring the Role of Chastity Belts in Modern Practices

A chastity belt is a device that is designed to partially remove self-control and get into abstinence. Cock cages come in different shape materials. In fact, there are also chastity devices for women, but we will focus more on men’s chastity devices or cock cages.  There are several types of cock cages available in the market, and depending on your style and kink, you can choose cages that are made of metal, plastic, and silicone that are perfect for beginners.

How and when did the chastity belt come about?

According to historical sources, the distribution and origin of the chastity belt is controversial. Some sources suggest medieval origins, while others say it was an invention of the Victorian era to underline the dark ages of the middle Ages. Chastity belts are said to have been originally thought to force women in the absence of the man to abstinence. However, this widespread myth, as well as the fact that KGs served as protection against rape, is uncertain. It is believed that chastity cages were used even then as a sex toy. Historians assume that chastity belts were not worn over a long period of time, as the risk of infection and painful inflammation were too large. Also, the medical treatment was not given to avoid life-threatening or fatal consequences. It is believed, however, that chastity belts were used in the context of witch burning and crusades both as a punishment and as a torture tool. Today, the chastity belt is one of the many indispensable BDSM accessories. Whereby the key holder imposes the chastity on the submissive sub and determines when and how often he may discard the chastity belt.

How to use a chastity belt?

The chastity belt is worn around the waist, fully covering the genitals of the wearer. Integrated openings facilitate bowel movement and ventilation, which can reduce any possible skin irritation after prolonged wear. Chastity belts are mostly made of materials like leather, latex, steel, wood and ABS (plastic). The best thing is, you discover yourself the different models and types to decide which chastity belt, penis cage or which chastity clamp fits you and stimulates you the most.

Which models are available?

There are various types of men’s chastity belts and devices that can be used for chastity to enjoy the game of arousal and denial. Men’s chastity belts have different ring sizes and spacers that allow a very precise fit to the penis. Here are different models and variants listed: Leather chastity belt with leather pouch covers the penis completely and contact with the genitals is completely prevented.

Penis briefs can fulfill a dual function: in this case, a dildo is placed in the chastity slip for anal stimulation, whereby the penis can be inserted into a penile cage. A penis cage or a chastity clamp is the ultimate utensil for the man’s chastity. In penile cages penis and testicles are separated in different chambers. To avoid pinching of pubic hair, you should remove the pubic hair before donning. Thereafter, the formed from a pipe section chastity clamp can be pulled over the penis, fixed and secured with a lock.

Gates of Hell are penile cages, which usually consist of five to seven rings instead of a tube section. These metal rings become closer to the tip of the penis, whereby the orgasm itself cannot be prevented, but the erection can become very painful due to the increasing tightness.

CB-X pen cages are real Male Chastity devices that provide ultimate comfort and protection. These models often have rings and spacers in different sizes. Thus, the fit of the chastity clamp can be optimally adapted to the penis.

Chastity belt for women

Most chastity belts for women have a very sophisticated design. To avoid abrasions and bruises, some chastity cages for women, as well as some models for men are equipped with incorporated padding.

The chastity belt Deluxe for submissive women is constructed like a belt and therefore fits perfectly around every waist. A wide strap runs down to the vagina, over the butt up to the back of the chastity belt. Thus, the vaginal and anal access remains closed and the BDSM game all the more exciting.

What must be considered when using chastity belts?

Short-term wearing of chastity belts is safe when used responsibly . Prolonged or permanent wear can lead to infection, chafing and inflammation, which can be very painful. Particularly in women, a meticulous and regular cleaning of the chastity belt and the entire genital area is necessary in order to avoid vaginal infections in women . Hygiene is inevitable! Everything else is a sexy RPG between Dom and Sub!

Chastity cages for men are used to control the erection of the partner

It is used to lock the penis in order to prevent erections or prevent the partner from masturbating. The chastity belt is equipped with a lock, and the subordinate partner can therefore not remove this independently. It is 100% under control! It is necessary to choose the appropriate diameter of the ring, whether the chastity belt should be with or without a dilator. We recommend that you grease the dilator thoroughly with gel before inserting it and sterilize it before use.

Can Gay Men Wear a Chastity Belt?

First and foremost, gay chastity is as common as straight chastity. There’s pretty much nothing differentiating these two sexual orientations when it comes to orgasm denial toys. A flaccid penis in a chastity cage is always the same. Submission and dominance work both for heterosexual and homosexual relationships; it’s just that you have keyholders of a different gender.

We’d argue that there are three main reasons why gay men like to wear cock cages. Of course, these motives can also apply to straight guys. So, let’s put them up for you to understand the whole thing.

Primarily, putting on a stainless steel contraption on your wiener will mess with your libido. The lack of masturbation will lead to you wanting to serve your dominant partner even more than you’re used to.

Next, the cage will make you focus more on your ass, rather than on the penis. Anal penetration will become the main part of your intercourse sessions. You’ll no longer need to think about your cock at all!

And lastly, it will make it all about you. Your position in the relationship will become slightly more prominent. Being locked up in a metal cage, a submissive gay man will always be the object of attraction, if that makes any sense. Well, try it, and it probably will!

How Chastity Piercing Works Compared to a Regular Cock Cage

Once you’re in chastity for her, being a good slave is the only thing that matters. And how to be successful at that, one might ask? Well, it’s not rocket science by no means. We’ll tell you all about it…

As opposed to your regular cock cages, male chastity piercing is a somewhat better solution for orgasm denial. Just like the cage, these jewelry ornaments on the male genitals physically prevent the penis from getting erect. Even if they seem a bit extreme to your average perv, high-quality piercings are entirely safe and sound.

There are many different ways men can pierce their genitals, far more than women. But one of the most prominent is locking the head of the penis. That will not only prevent intercourse with a partner, but it will also prevent ejaculation. It will block the whole urethral canal, therefore, disappointing your master will be next to impossible.

Unlike a cock cage, this “locking mechanism” for guys in chastity is far more discreet. Baggy pants will become the thing of the past. That is if you wear them because you’re shy about your submissive orientation. Also, long term chastity can be a far more realistic option.

Control and Release: Using Chastity Belts for Forced Orgasms in BDSM

Chastity belts, commonly associated with abstinence and control, can also play an intriguing role in forced orgasm scenarios within BDSM play. The design of some chastity belts allows for the incorporation of vibratory or stimulating devices that can be controlled by a partner. This setup gives the keyholder the ability to induce arousal and orgasm at their discretion, adding a thrilling layer of power dynamics to the experience. The person wearing the belt experiences both the mental challenge of enforced chastity and the intense sensations that come with controlled, and often unexpected, stimulation.

In BDSM practices, the use of a chastity belt for forced orgasm adds depth to the dominant-submissive dynamic, enhancing the psychological thrill for both parties. The wearer’s sensations and sexual release are entirely at the mercy of the dominant, who can manipulate timing and intensity. This can intensify the psychological impact of surrender, increasing the emotional and physical dependency on the dominant’s decisions. It’s a profound exploration of trust and surrender, where the chastity belt becomes a tool not just for denial but also for intense, controlled pleasure.

So, if you’re up to it, talk to your partner about it. It just might be more suitable for your BDSM relationship.

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