Forced Orgasm: The End Game of Male Chastity

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Tracing the history of sex and the desire to be dominant or submissive goes back to the first civilizations. From ancient myths to tales of rape and sexual punishment, the rough play was always a big thing for us. So incorporating these elements into our sex lives isn’t as unusual as some people might think. Whether you know it or not, kinky sex lurks from all corners.

So, in case you forgot, just think about all the fuss “Fifty Shades of Grey” brought a few years ago. People all over the world were flooding the theaters just to watch two people enjoy some kinky stuff. And if we go a couple of decades back, Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger were doing the same thing on the silver screen in “Nine and a Half Weeks.”

Although both feature films are kinky classics that brought the subject of perverse BDSM play into the mainstream, we’d argue Mickey and Kim did it a lot better than their 21st-century counterparts. Well, we know it’s not about who did it better, but it’s only fair we keep some standards when we’re talking about something as important as BDSM.

Therefore, we’re here to talk about cock cages, power exchange, bondage, and discipline. Also, we’d like to shine some perverted light onto people who are willing to dig beneath the safe surface of the mainstream. Everyday stuff is cool and all, but let’s not forget it’s for the average Joe audience that’s not willing to go all the way into sadism and masochism.\

Blue plastic cock cage with lock

The Goal of Cock Cages in a BDSM Set Up

Male chastity is a crucial pillar of the BDSM community. It’s not only an extreme level of submission and punishment, but it’s also much more. In a way, penis cages symbolize the victory of femdom. Moreover, they are the epitome of dominant females, enslaving their ashamed male partners by having their most precious body part locked away.

The final goal of these stainless steel contraptions is to prevent the male genitals from getting fully erect. These metal cages rely on a flaccid penis put behind bars so that it can’t penetrate another person. That leads to different sexual activities that are set on principles of tease-and-deny kind of play.

Coming in all sizes and designs, male chastity devices fit all kinds of tastes and dimensions. Some are more extreme than others. For example, you can get a cage that barely covers the penis, allowing air to flow through it and the head of the cock to hang without any obstacle.

But on the other hand, others fully jail the ashamed penis, making it a lot harder for the defeated male. These extreme devices are only recommended for experienced BDSM relationships, as they tend to be a lot harder for maintenance.

In the end, the whole point of cock cages is the fact that the male wearing one is constantly reminded that he’s his partner’s property. He’s genitals are not free to roam around wherever they want — they are at the mercy of their domina.

Forced Orgasm Is More for the Dom’s Satisfaction

First of all, it’s important we mention that all these BDSM activities and kinks must involve consent for them to work properly. By no means should anyone make their partner do something they’re not fully okay with.

It’s just how things should work when you’re into rough play and bondage. Also, it’s pretty important to mention safe words. Come up with one that’ll immediately halt a potential discomforting situation you might end up in.

Forced orgasm isn’t exactly what it sounds like. It doesn’t involve force — it’s more about role-play and the illusion of being helpless in a sexual act. Hence, talking about it with your partner before you participate in it is essential. Come up with a story that involves the submissive partner trapped, tied up, and left alone for the dom to control his climax.

That means that even if it sounds strange, the person enjoying an orgasm isn’t the only one getting the satisfaction. The feeling of being in power over another person’s body can be a major turn on, which can make your libido burst through a roof.

Forced Orgasm Techniques

Since we’ve explained the dynamics of these so-called forced orgasms, let’s talk a bit about ideas an ordinary couple can use to enrich their BDSM intercourse. After all, it’s not just about getting the best sex toys, it’s how your imagination works with them. Playing around with a costly vibrator doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t involve some kinky thoughts and ideas.

Primarily, a good scenario is to think about your roles here. For example, let’s say one of you is a prisoner on the run, and the other is a cop that just captured him. To make the fugitive pay for his crime, the cop will fuck around with him. Playing with his body, the lady of the law will “forcefully” turn him on to the point of climax.

Black cock cage with man air holes

That can serve as a basic storyline for your sexual adventure. So feel free to enrich the story as much as you want. After all, it’s about the two of you here.

Also, there’s another basic way of playing the forced orgasm game. It doesn’t need to involve bondage, it’s more of a mind game that can work for long-term chastity play. It can involve talking dirty to your submissive partner, feeding him horny ideas, but not allowing him to please himself while you’re doing it.

It’s more of a tease-and-deny kind of thing. That is, making your boy go crazy to the point of no return in which he won’t be able to take it anymore. And after he ejaculates all over himself with his pathetic and ashamed cock, you can punish him. Intentionally leading him to make a mistake, you’ll make domination and submission a staple of your sex play.

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