15 Chastity Games For Wicked Keyholders And Playful Subs

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Basic chastity play can be fun in the beginning. Your shiny new cock cage or belt is enough to make you tingle with anticipation and sexual tension.


But after a while, the standard weekly rotations, or sentences based solely on the current feeling of the key-holder, can feel start to feel stale.


Throwing the odd game or activity into the mix can add variety and excitement.





Before locking up the sub, have them roll some dice. If they’ve been good, make it two. If they’ve been bad, make it three, four, five … six. The sum of all the rolled dice is the number of days the sub must stay in their cage. It’s simple but adds the element of chance and a layer of excitement.


You can take this game to the next level by rolling again at the end of the time period and adding those days onto the current stretch. The only way the wearer can break the streak is by rolling a specific number the keyholder decided on – like snake eyes or doubles etc.


ADDITION: If it’s a long stretch, you can roll for “Be Good Days”, and on that day if they perform a certain number of tasks, they’ll get a brief reprieve.





The keyholder rolls a die (or two or three, whatever) and adds up those days. The Wearer does the same.


If the keyholder’s number is greater, the difference is the number of days they must stay locked up. If the keyholder’s number is lower, the difference is the number of days (or hours) the sub is unlocked and free.


Roll two or three more times and see that the grand total ends up as.



TIP: In hobby stores (or online) you can buy dice that have more than six sides. They’re sometimes called Dungeons and Dragon’s dice, D20s, or multisided dice (and you can find them with as many as 100 sides). The increased number gives you a larger window of time to gamble with.





Spinner wheel with chastity timesLike Wheel of Fortune, you can “make your own spinner” and include added days, tasks, or various rewards.


If you’re not into arts and crafts, there are plenty of online programs that will allow you to plug in your data and it will make the wheel for you.





Colored marbles in leather bagInstead of a spinner, write down various added days, rewards, tasks, etc. on slips of paper and add them to a bag. The wearer draws one and must follow the subsequent task. You can either add the slip back in or leave it out and whittle down the choices.


Or, if you really want to be mean, return the “added” days back into the back but leave the rewards out once they’ve been drawn.


ADAPTATION: The same thing can be done with different colored marbles – and each one representing a different reward or extra days added to the sentence.





Either make a list of tasks, challenges or dares ahead of time (or make them as you go along) and give them to the sub. If they perform the task up to the keyholder’s expectations, they receive a reward. You can also use a lucky draw bag (like the game before) but only include rewards.


How “risky” you get depends on the dynamic of your relationship. Just make sure it adheres to the SSSC rule.





An alteration of Risk and Reward, you can give your sub the choice of two/three difficult or torturous scenarios or tasks and make them follow through.





Hide a key rocksTake the key and hide it somewhere – the search parameters can be restricted to one room, and entire house, or (if you want to be mean), somewhere outside. The wearer has a set period of time to find the key.


If they do, they are free for a predetermined amount of time or gain a reward. If they don’t, they receive punishment or extra time added to their sentence.


It’s extra fun if you have a lock timer that you can set to count down.


Just make sure that they have at least a small chance. There’s no point giving them 1 minute to find a key hidden in a mansion.





Play good ol’ poker, but instead of betting money, you bet time – with one person betting added days and the other betting subtracted days.





This is more of an activity rather than a game, but it still adds variety. The keyholder creates a list of things they want the wearer to do – massages, cleaning, errands, etc. When the list is complete, they receive a reward. And/or, anything that is missed can also result in added days.





If you’re clever with clues, leave a trail of them for your sub to follow. They can take you from room to room, or even outside and place to place. If they find the key, they get unlocked etc.





I like this one because you can incorporate hygiene into a game environment. Essentially, the wearer has a time limit in which they must finish cleaning their cage/belt.


Bar of white soapHowever, it’s important to note that the cleaning must be done PROPERLY. No slacking or half measures. Anything less than immaculate will result in a penalty.



ALTERATION: Instead of cage cleaning, you can adapt the previous game to complete any task you want to be done quickly – either for function or amusement. Eg. Make a guy dress like a woman, makeup and all, but as fast as possible. Humiliation included for free.





You can also use chastity play to create better and healthier habits. I read about one man who had a weight loss goal and his wife enforced it (strictly) through his cock cage. Create your own to cater to whatever goals you both have.





Similar to loyalty club card, tasks and responsibilities can be tagged with a certain number of point. As the wearer collects these points, they can turn them in for various rewards.





Pile of keysIf you can manage to find or make keys identical to the cage key (but without the same cutting), put them in a jar and have the wearer draw one at set times throughout their sentence.


If they choose the right one, they get unlocked for a while (decided on ahead of time). Afterward, put the key back in and keep going. If they choose wrong, tough luck.





If you’re feeling really creative, consider making your own board game (or adapting an existing one) and combining many of the elements above. Use this game for training, goals, or simple punishments/rewards.



NOTE: Remember, we live in the digital age. Get creative and see how you can incorporate your smartphone, messaging, or video into your shenanigans.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


With these games, you should have plenty to work with and hopefully inspiration to adapt them or create your own.


Do you have any other male/female chastity game ideas? Share in the comments!

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